Questionnaire on the Use of Online Role-playing Games

"Every fifth World of Warcraft player is addicted"?? - Not hardly!

Within the last 5 years the distribution of online roleplaying games has increased significantly. The media mostly focus on dramatic individual twists of fate and speak of the dangers of an "internet or computer game addiction". This is not quite right.

Indeed there is evidence which indicates that in some cases the use can reach the extent of a behavioral addiction, but up to date there is neither a clearly defined clinical picture nor a trusted, standardized method to make such a diagnosis. Herein possibly lies the cause of an overestimation of the number of affected players.

It is the intent of the "25 QUESTions Project" to develop a diagnostic questionnaire which does not confuse normal, engaged play with a clinically conspicuous use.

The first version is now available and has shown good characteristics in the testing. Here you can find information about the test construction and the reasons why the questionnaire avoids the above mentioned overestimation.

It is our collective aim to offer internationally comparable and standardized diagnostics in the foreseeable future. In order to reach this aim, we need your help. Take five minutes to complete the questionnaire and by doing this, make your contribution to the future elimination of headlines like "Every fifth World of Warcraft player is addicted".

01. Sex:

male female

02. Year of birth:

03 a) Your highest level of education attained:

b) Do you currently have a job?

yes no

04. Which online games do you currently play and since when? (if you do not remember the exact point in time, please estimate)


05. How much time per week do you approximately spend on online role-playing games?

hours per week

06. How much of your spare time do you spend on online role-playing games?

Below you see statements describing attitudes and behavior patterns concerning the use of online role-playing games. Please rate how much these statements apply to you.

Please do not omit any statement and in case of doubt choose the answer which applies to you most. There are no correct or false answers!

Does not apply at all Fully applies
1 2 3 4 5
07. When I cannot play, I feel bad.
08. I continue playing even when I notice that I actually need a break.
09. My fellow players are closer to me than my other friends & acquaintances.
10. If I do not play, I have the feeling to miss something online.
11. Game failures have ruined my day before.
12. My circle of friends is increasingly made up of fellow players.
13. Real life appointments & dates are essentially more important to me.
14. I have cancelled appointments or dates using excuses before, to be able to play longer.
15. I plan my mealtimes in accordance with the game.
16. When I play, sometimes it happens that I overreact to interruptions.
17. My family/friends/acquaintances are worried about my gaming habits.
18. Sometimes I feel that I am not able to control my gaming habits.
19. When I am not online, my mind is constantly preoccupied with the game.
20. When I cannot play, I become anxious, nervous or unfocused and this feeling only fades when I can play again.
21. I have already lost friends and/or a partner due to my gaming habits.
22. I prefer spending my spare time with my online friends.
23. Sometimes the drive to play becomes so great that I just have to give in.
24. I discuss my problems primarily online.
25. I have already argued with my friends about my gaming habits.

Done! Have you filled out the online questionnaire completely? Then you can directly send us your data by clicking the button "Send"!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!